Beanstalk Agriculture started as an idea.

Can we use technology to simplify and improve plant nutrition? The answer is YES. Utilizing a proprietary coating we have developed a formulation designed specifically to grow top shelf product consistently and efficiently while cutting down on fertilizer and labor costs. CRF technology allows for reduced runoff, and lower fertilizer use because you are not wasting any down the drain. Reduce your impact and grow the finest product possible easier and more cost effectively than ever before. Beanstalk CRF will change the way you grow forever.

Level up with Beanstalk CRF. Just Add Water. We are bringing a unique and custom approach to the nutrient industry. With a controlled release fertilizer (CRF) that has been tested and proven effective by numerous commercial facilities, we are taking the guess work out of growing We feature a fertilizer that is unmatched by any other nutrients in the marketplace. Don’t waste your time mixing liquids and powders daily. Switching to Beanstalk CRF is the easiest way to save time and money while increasing your quality and yields.

Reduced Labor & Cost

Just one application needed when going into your final pot means less man hours mixing nutrients, and reduced run-off requirements means less of your money going down the drain.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Less run-off means less waste going into the environment. You'll reduce your run-off by up to 90% using our system and cut down on water usage too.

Improved Crop Quality

Our simplified system means less mistakes and a healthier more robust crop. Our proprietary blend of nutrients specifically formulated for your favorite plant means unrivaled health with a fraction of the work required.

Greater Flower Bud Yield

Give your plants what they need when they need it for big, dense, flowers oozing with terpenes and with the potency you need.


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