What is a Controlled Release Fertilizer?

Controlled Release fertilizer is an encapsulated mineral fertilizer.  Beanstalk CRF utilizes a porous polymer coating that encapsulates our proprietary blend of Fertilizers.  Our coating allows nutrients to dissolve into solution at an equivalent rate to your plants water usage.  This consistent access to nutrients allows a plant to utilize what it needs when its needed. Take the guesswork out of your growing with Beanstalk CRF.


What are the benefits of CRF?


Crf can provide a multitude of benefits to your grow.  Our product allows you to stop mixing fertilizer at all stages of plant growth greatly reducing the cost of applying fertilizer and maintaining complex fertigation injectors.  CRF allows you to eliminate most runoff from your facility reducing your environmental impact and your costs.  WIth a 1 time application Beanstalk crf allows you to simplify your sops improve efficiency and quality whilst also saving you money.


Can I still flush with CRF?

If you are looking to flush or reset you media all you need to do is runoff/ leach  your pot to reduce the E.C in the root zone. 


What is the coating made of?

Our coating is a proprietary Polyolefin based polymer that breaks down over time and does not create microplastics.  Our coating breaks down fast enough for you to reuse your medium cycle after cycle without any harmful build up.


Why is the Phosphorus so low?

We use a unique mineral composition of Phosphorus that is completely water soluble.  This in conjunction with our ability to eliminate runoff allows all of the Phosphorus in the product to be utilized by the plant.  This eliminates the need to add excessive amounts of phosphorus to our product.


Why so much Potassium?

Through extensive testing we have found that potassium is the nutrient most responsible for flower size and quality.  All nutrients are needed at appropriate levels but cannabis is a very K loving plant and benefits from high potassium levels throughout its budding phase.


What are the usage rates?

Absolute Flower - 15- 20 grams per gallon

K boost- 5 - 8 grams per gallon

CA fortify- 5-8 grams per gallon

V- Basis- 25 grams per gallon



When do I add the products to the container?

Apply CRF to each container right before transplant.  It is not recommended to premix CRF into soil as the moisture present will start to activate the fertilizer prematurely.


What is the best way to add CRF to a container?

 If you are transplanting into a new container it is optimal to mix the crf evenly throughout the medium before transplanting.  If the plant is already in the container it is recommended to sub-dress the fertilizer.


What is sub-dresing?

Subdressing is the process of putting fertilizer on the surface of the medium and then covering the fertilizer with enough medium to prevent it from coming to the surface.  This ensures the fertilizer has adequate moisture contact. This can be used when stepping up to a bigger container. Simply fill the container to make the soil even with the plant you are transplanting then apply the fertilizer on the surface before continuing to fill up the pot.   This will create


Can I add this to a plant already in its final container?

You can top dress the fertilizer but it is not recommended.  You can also sub - dress the fertilizer if you have enough space left in the container to add more medium on top of the fertilizer.  It is not ideal to let the crf sit on top of the medium.


Do I add all 4 products at once?

No. V basis is meant to be a stand alone fertilizer for small nursery plants and mothers.  Absolute Flower, K boost, and Ca Fortify are meant to be used together.  This flowering trio is mixed into the final container at transplant.


What size container should I use?

The ideal container size is going to depend on the size of your plant.  Fertilizing with CRF means leaving the plant in control of nutrient uptake.  If your container is too big there will be a mismatch of nutrients to plant size and this can cause issues to arise.  If you are utilizing a 1 gallon pot or smaller it is recommended to up the does of crf 1.5 to 2 times in order to fulfill the plant's nutrient requirements throughout the flowering cycle.


What is the ideal irrigation ph?

The Ideal Irrigation PH is between 5.8 and 6.5 this is the area where the majority of Nutrients necessary for plant growth become bio available to the plant. 


What growing mediums can i use with crf?

When growing in a container any commercially available potting medium will be compatible. Our customers use a wide range of coco, peat, and compost based mediums.  Beanstalk CRF can also be used outdoors in conjunction with native soil.





Is your product organic?

No. Although our product is not organic, CRF technology eliminates many environmental issues associated with most conventional fertilizers.  The coating on Beasntalk CRF keeps our fertilizer from rapidly dissolving in soil greatly reducing the potential for waterway pollution.


Can I use your product with living soil?

Beanstalk CRF is fully compatible with living soil.  If the growing medium is already high in nutrients one should reduce the amount of crf from the standard recommended rate.


Can I use other Additives with your product?

Yes, Beanstalk CRF works great alone but it is fully compatible with any additives growers choose to use.  Many growers utilize a silica supplement.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. If you are having trouble ordering thru the website email and we will figure out how to get our product to you.


Can I use CRFwith Rockwool?

No you can not use CRF with rockwool.


Can I use your product when planting in the ground?

Yes you can! We recommend always having your soil tested before applying any fertilizer. 


Can I use your product in a Greenhouse and Outdoors?

Yes CRF works great in a Greenhouse environment or Outdoors.
















What makes Beanstalk Different


  • Controlled release vs time release explain the difference
  • Osmocote etc explain the old technology
  • Our coating sets us apart single layer that holds its shape and porosity over time
  • This technology is not available in any other cannabis product and is not comparable to slow release fertilizers
  • Our formulation was designed specifically for the cannabis plant. Our release rates and fertilizer formulations are designed to help your plants achieve their highest potential. l



Haifa group article


The most reliable and effective way to make the availability of nutrients coincide with plant requirements is by controlling their release into the soil solution, using controlled release fertilizers. This is accomplished by encapsulating fertilizer granules in a polymeric coating, employing Haifa’s Multicote technology.

A single pre-planting application of Multicote™ controlled release fertilizer (CRF) can fill a crop’s nutritional requirements throughout its growth season. Multicote™ products are designed to feed plants continuously, at maximum nutrient uptake efficiency. Multicote™ controlled release fertilizers save labor and application costs, enable application independent of the irrigation system, and require no sophisticated equipment.

the controlled release fertilizers granules are applied to the soil, the coating acts as a semi-permeable barrier that allows continuous release of nutrients to the root zone.

The benefits of controlled release nutrition

  • Optimal plant development - provide plants with balanced nutrition, according to their needs, throughout the growth cycle. This ensures optimal development and maximum high quality yields.
  • Less fertilizers are needed - products release available nutrients at a rate that matches plant uptake. This minimizes fertilizer losses, and enables considerable reduction of application rates – up to 30%, as compared to conventional granular or liquid fertilizers.
  • Saves labor and time - A single application covers a crop’s nutritional requirements throughout its growth cycle. This saves labor and costs associated with fertilizer application. It also eliminates fertilization from the growers’ routine tasks, freeing them to concentrate on other growth requirements.
  • Simple application - fertilizers are applied directly to the soil, requiring no sophisticated injection or dosing system.
  • Environmentally friendly - minimizes losses through leaching, volatilization or fixation, thus preventing environmental contamination.

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