How to Grow Hemp

Beanstalk Agriculture’s Ultimate Hemp Growing Guide


Hemp Fertilizers for Cultivators of All Types

Whether you’re the owner of a small shop, someone just getting into hemp growing, or a large-scale commercial hemp farmer, Beanstalk Agriculture is here to help make your hemp production easier and more fruitful than you ever imagined! In today’s guide to hemp growing, we’ll discuss the five stages of hemp production before introducing our hemp fertilizers and how they help each specific stage. If you have questions about sustainable hemp production, proper hemp fertilizer amounts, or other hemp-related inquiries, our team is just a phone call away!

Beanstalk Agriculture has solutions to help boost yields throughout the five stages of hemp production:

  • Germination
  • Seedling
  • Vegetative
  • Flowering
  • Harvesting

Simplify Protocols. Reduce Costs. Boost Yields

Yes, really! Here at Beanstalk Agriculture, we make it possible to do all three of those with the use of our controlled-release fertilizers. Our hemp fertilizers take much of the tediousness of hemp farming out of the equation by intelligently releasing hemp nutrients to match your plant’s growth cycle. From germination all the way up until the harvest, simplify your hemp production today with Beanstalk Agriculture!

Just Add Water

It doesn’t get any easier than this. With fertilizers that automatically release the proper nutrients at the proper times, all you need to do is add water! For first-time growers and commercial hemp cultivators alike, get the best results with Beanstalk Agriculture today.

Understanding the 5 Stages of Hemp Growth

If you’re looking to begin growing hemp for the first time, we’re here to help you understand the basics. As the hemp farming business continues to grow, now is a great time to learn the tricks of the trade. Before getting into each stage, it’s important to understand the optimal growing conditions that produce the best yield. While hemp can grow in a vast majority of environments, you can give yourself a better chance of success by growing in areas with warm weather and soil that is rich in organic material and unsaturated by excess amounts of water. Because of these conditions, it’s common for hemp to be grown on outdoor farms as well as indoor greenhouses. Keep this in mind as you continue to gain experience in hemp production.

Stage 1: Planting & Germination

As with any crop, planting the seed successfully is pivotal to sustained growth. To ensure your plant starts on the right track, make sure your growing medium is prepared in a way that will sustain the life of the seed. This involves ensuring that the soil has an adequate pH level — usually between 6 and 7.5 — and is grown in the conditions listed above that are conducive to a healthy growth cycle. The initial growth and germination of the seed is often performed in peat plugs, thus encouraging structured growth while still making it easy to transport. During this stage, it is important to make sure that your soil remains moist without saturating the plant and essentially drowning the young seedlings. In general, expect seeds to be germinated within two weeks, at which point the roots will begin to strengthen in the soil and the actual seedling will begin to peak through the soil.

Stage 2: Seedling

Now that the plant has begun collecting UV rays, you will notice continued growth of larger and larger leaves. The seedling stage typically lasts two to three weeks, and its leaves are classified by producing no more than seven blades per leaf. It is crucial to maintain an ideal growing environment during this stage that is not too harsh on the plant, thus setting it up for successful growth in the future. To do so, maintain moist yet unsaturated soil and ensure the plant receives ample light while avoiding prolonged exposure to harsh UV lights. A relatively humid environment is also conducive to successful growth in the seedling stage.

Stage 3: Vegetative Growth

The vegetative, or “veg,” stage is when you’ll likely notice the biggest growth from your plant. Though it usually lasts between two and eight weeks, this stage of growth can extend all the way up to 16 weeks, depending on the growing environment. Not only will you notice a substantial amount of leaves sprouting, you’ll also see the plant itself begin to elongate. As more and more leaves begin to grow, it’s important to perform maintenance on the plant, as you would a normal shrub or tree. Prune the plant to safely remove any inactive nodes which will hinder the glowering growth. Since this stage of hemp production is when the most growth happens, it’s important to ensure your plant is supported with proper nutrients and growing conditions. As opposed to the relatively humid environment that seedlings thrive in, the veg stage is best operated in drier air ith access to direct sunlight.

Stage 4: Flowering

As one of the most exciting stages of growth, the flowering stage begins to produce the buds we’re all looking for. This is when cultivators begin to see the fruits of their labor just ahead of the final harvest. The most important change to keep in mind during the flower is the change in light. As opposed to the previous stages which required between 18 and 24 hours of light exposure, the flowering stage requires a strict 12 hours of light paired with 12 hours of darkness. If you’re growing outside, this will naturally occur in September and October, as the complete flowering stage typically lasts six to eight weeks. If, on the other hand, you’re still growing indoors, it’s crucial to maintain the 12/12 cycle to help ensure the best results possible. Again, it’s vital to ensure your plants receive the proper nutrients throughout the flower.

Stage 5: Harvesting

At long last, your hemp is ready to be harvested! If you abided by the proper requirements for soil, water, sunlight, pruning, and nutrients, your plant should be rich with dense buds. You’ll know it’s time to harvest when the small white buds from the flowering stage become larger and reddish-orange in color.

How to Ensure Proper Nutrient Release When Growing Hemp

Remember above when we discussed the importance of proper nutrient release throughout the veg and flowering stages? While it’s possible to monitor nutrient release by yourself, it’s incredibly tedious and has a large margin of error. So, what’s the alternative? That’s where we come in! Here at Beanstalk Agriculture, we take the difficulty of knowing when to increase and decrease certain nutrient levels away and replace it with a fertilizer that does everything for you! With four different fertilizers — each with a specific focus — we make it easier than ever to ensure your plants receive the nutrients they need, when they need them. Learn more about each of our hemp fertilizers below!

Absolute Flower

If you’re looking for a one-step solution to your veg and flowering stages, Absolute Flower is the perfect hemp fertilizer for you. We designed this fertilizer as a complete replacement for all other flowering hemp fertilizers, making your production protocols easier and more affordable. A combination of fertilizer that features nutrients crucial to proper hemp growth — including nitrogen, phosphate, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur — Absolute Flower packs everything you need for the veg and flower into one fertilizer.


Designed to be used alongside Absolute Flower, K-BOOST is a potassium-boosting hemp fertilizer proven to produce more fruitful yields come harvest time. Applied during the veg stage, this fertilizer is designed to induce larger blooms during the flowering stage. As opposed to other time-release fertilizers that only release fertilizers based on time, our hemp fertilizers intelligently release nutrients to match various stages of the growth cycle. By using K-BOOST, you ensure your plants receive the potassium and magnesium they need to thrive.


Sometimes a plant needs a little extra strength to be able to support the impending bloom, and FORTIFY from Beanstalk Agriculture is the hemp fertilizer that does just that. Also used in the veg and flowering stages, FORTIFY strengthens the stem of your plant by releasing the calcium it is craving. In turn, your plant grows stronger and is able to produce and support larger buds. The best part? You simply apply this fertilizer once, maintain a proper growing environment, and it takes care of the rest!


As opposed to the first three fertilizers, which are designed mainly for the bloom, V-Basis is the hemp fertilizer that handles early propagation and seedling growth. V-Basis sets the foundation for healthy growth so your plant is able to produce the best yields possible. Apply this fertilizer during nursery propagation and it will automatically release nutrients that your plant needs for healthy growth.

Turn to Beanstalk Agriculture

We are passionate about hemp production of all shapes and sizes. From first-time growers who want to understand more about the process to commercial farmers looking to increase their production, our line of hemp fertilizers is perfect for everyone. If you have questions about which type of hemp nutrients you need for your plant, give us a call today. When you’re ready to see the best results and simplify your protocols, buy your hemp fertilizer or learn more about our wholesale offerings!