Absolute Flower Hemp Fertilizer

Universal Grow Blend for Veg and Bloom Stages


Give Your Plants the Nutrients They Need

Absolute Flower from Beanstalk Agriculture is a comprehensive controlled-release fertilizer perfect for shop owners and commercial cultivators alike. We recognize the need to make cultivation simpler and more fruitful, and that’s exactly what our hemp fertilizers do. Growers everywhere will immediately see just how beneficial this all-in-one flowering fertilizer is. Save time, cut down on costs, and produce healthier, fuller plants with Beanstalk Agriculture’s Absolute Flower fertilizer today!

Why use Absolute Flower for your hemp production?

  • Total replacement for all other fertilizers
  • Safe to use with other fortifying fertilizers from Beanstalk Agriculture
  • Saves money
  • Reduces labor input
  • Maximizes yields

Hemp Nutrients

Never before has there been a simpler way to boost hemp production. Here at Beanstalk Agriculture, we are proud to help growers everywhere revolutionize their production by delivering the best hemp nutrients to their plants.

Whereas previous time-release fertilizers automatically release nutrients into the soil on a timed schedule, our controlled-release technology takes it a step further. Beanstalk CRF delivers nutrients to specific plants when they need them by adjusting to a plant’s individual uptake requirements. The results? Simplified protocols with reduced labor and maximized yields.

Absolute Flower

Designed as a complete replacement for all other fertilizers, Absolute Flower is the hemp fertilizer built for successful veg and bloom stages. It makes your production protocols a breeze by leaving one simple step after application — just add water!
  • Apply 90 days prior to intended harvest date
  • Apply at a rate of 15-20 grams per gallon of soil. Use more than 20 grams per gallon if flowering in smaller containers.
  • Can be sub-dressed or fully integrated
  • Can be used in conjunction with FORTIFY and K-BOOST
If you have questions about Absolute Flower, its application to a particular plant, or its required maintenance, our team would be happy to assist. Order your individual bags of Absolute Flower today, or visit our wholesale page to learn more about bulk orders!