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Offering Bulk Fertilizers for Shops and Farms
Here at Beanstalk Agriculture, we are proud to offer the most innovative nutrients you can begin revolutionizing your production. Whether you’re the owner of a small shop or a commercial-scale farmer, our fertilizers make the process easier, more efficient, and more fruitful than ever! Contact our sales team at for more information.

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Ready to Revolutionize Your Production?

Are you looking for the best way to improve your production from start to finish? Here at Beanstalk Agriculture, we have the wholesale nutrients that make it easier and more affordable than ever to boost your yields.

Using a revolutionary controlled-release fertilizer (CRF) throughout every step of the plant’s vegetative and flowering growth, you can rest assured that your plants receive the nutrients they need, when they need it. Our system requires only one application of fertilizer, and it’s water only after that.


Why Choose Beanstalk Agriculture?

Simple, affordable, and effective — what’s not to love?

Shop owners and commercial cultivators alike will quickly realize how simple and effective our controlled-release fertilizers are compared to traditional hydroponic nutrients.


Our mission at Beanstalk is to create a nutrient system that made growing top-shelf easier than it has ever been before. All four of our fertilizers are crafted with CRF technology that gradually releases nutrients into the substrate when irrigated. We have spent years meticulously formulating and reformulating to provide a product that delivers unrivaled nutrition with one single application. The difference between Beanstalk controlled release fertilizer vs. time-release fertilizers, is that our release intelligently matches a plant’s growth cycle and can adjust dynamically based on the plants needs. This controlled release rate ensures that plants receive the proper amount of nutrients at the correct stage of their growth. Simply apply during transplant and add water — it’s that easy!


Our wholesale nutrients are designed to be a comprehensive solution to all of your plants nutritional needs. Our bloom system features 3 different products that allows for advanced growers to dial in a wide range of different strains, from heavy, to finicky feeders Beanstalk has you covered. Our system for vegetative growth is even easier. Just 1 product for perfect health for all your nursery and mother stock.

Cost Effective

Mixing nutrients for different stages of growth is not only incredibly time-consuming, but it can also become very expensive. Rather than wasting time mixing tanks and reservoirs daily you can focus your energy on the various other facets of plant health to push your product to the next level, while drastically cutting costs. Beanstalk CRF offers advantages and savings that simply can’t be matched by traditional liquid or dry hydroponic fertilizer systems. We have harnessed the powerful technology of CRF to revolutionize the way you grow; and the savings are massive. Our system all but eliminates the need to mix tanks or reservoirs daily, run-off can be reduced by up to 90% reducing your water bill and decreasing nutrients going down the drain. Beanstalk has the potential to reduce your core fertilizer costs, but also drastically reduce your labor load and costs associated with fertigation. Spare the environment and your wallet when switching over to our CRF.

Top Shelf

None of this matters if the final product is not exceptional. We stand behind our nutrients and their ability to deliver more consistent higher-quality yields. Whether you’re looking to boost terpenes, potency, or yield we have already helped numerous farms break personal-records and continue to push the boundaries of what they thought possible at their cultivation sites. Our products are tested and proven to deliver plants with superior resin production without the need for additional inputs or additives. The future of fertilizer has arrived, and we’re so excited to share that opportunity with you. Whether you’re looking for a complete replacement fertilizer for small-scale growth in your shop, or you’re ready to take your commercial-grade farming to the next level, Beanstalk Agriculture has you covered. Reach out to our team at for more information!

Absolute Flower

Absolute Flower is a comprehensive controlled-release flowering fertilizer designed for the most robust and optimal bloom phases. Absolute Flower should be applied to plants approximately 90 days prior to the intended harvest date. It is applied at a rate of 15-20 grams per gallon of substrate and can be either sub-dressed or fully integrated into the substrate. Absolute Flower is best used as a total replacement for all other flowering fertilizers or in conjunction with both Beanstalk’s K-BOOST (potassium loader) and FORTIFY (calcium/magnesium fortifying agent).


K-BOOST is the one-step potassium-boosting fertilizer you’ve been searching for. K-BOOST promotes the most optimal flower growth and density while simplifying your procedure to the easiest step possible — just add water! K- BOOST is added at a rate of 5 grams per gallon of media and is best used in conjunction with Beanstalk’s Absolute Flower and FORTIFY hemp fertilizers.


Beanstalk FORTIFY hemp fertilizer is best used for cultivars that are especially prone to calcium deficiencies. If you are flowering a calcium-hungry cultivar, or if you are growing in coco coir or peat moss, FORTIFY is the solution for you. Designed for a 100-day release rate, this single-application, calcium-fortifying solution is the plug-and-play product you’ve been searching for. Apply at a rate of 5 grams per gallon of media. For best results, use in conjunction with Beanstalk’s Absolute Flower and K-BOOST hemp fertilizers.


V-Basis is a nursery application which is ideal for propagation and continuous vegetation. Applied at a rate of 25 grams per gallon of substrate. V-basis is a robust solution for all nursery production, great for rooted seedlings, rooted cuttings and mother plants. This is a stand-alone product for all vegetative demands. It is recommended to use the other 3 products from Beanstalk AG if you are transplanting into a final pot intended for flowering.