V-Basis Hemp Fertilizer

Designed for All of Your Starter Plant Needs

Nursery Propagation and Continuous Vegetation

The V-Basis fertilizer from Beanstalk Agriculture is designed as a propagator catalyst for all infant plants. There is no better way to care for rooted seedlings, rooted cuttings, and mother plants than by supplementing them with V-Basis. All of our fertilizers at Beanstalk Agriculture are designed with simplicity and productivity in mind. Our technology automatically controls the release of nutrients so you spend less time and money and labor while you wait for the end results. When you’re ready to experience the difference for yourself, partner with Beanstalk Agriculture.

What can you expect from our V-Basis fertilizer?

  • An all-inclusive solution for propagation and continuous vegetation
  • A simplified production process
  • Reduced labor inputs and costs
  • Maximized yields

Improve Your Hemp Production

Here at Beanstalk Agriculture, we are passionate about cultivation of all shapes and sizes. From commercial-scale hemp farmers to shop owners and everywhere in between, our goal is simple — streamline production, reduce labor and input costs, and maximize yields.

We accomplish that through our controlled-release fertilizers that automatically adjust to each individual plant’s requirements. From all-inclusive fertilizers and potassium boosters to calcium fortifiers and early-stage propagators, Beanstalk Agriculture has everything you need.


In order to benefit from increased yields, it’s first necessary to focus on the initial stages of the growth process. This sets the foundation for a plant’s growth cycle and allows it to produce to the best of its ability. Our V-Basis fertilizer is the propagation solution every plant can benefit from as it provides a robust solution for all nursery production.
  • Stand-alone product for all vegetative demands (use our other three fertilizers when transplanting into a final pot for harvesting)
  • Apply at a rate of 25 grams per gallon of soil
Our team is ready to answer any questions about propagation and our fertilizers. If you’re ready to experience the difference for yourself, buy your V-Basis fertilizer today, or visit our wholesale page to learn more about bulk purchases.